Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mission Experience - 1 June 2015

Dear Mom, 

About the woman who texted you...she is AWESOME!!! She doesn't live in our area but she and her family are fellowshipping Debbie (the 18 yr old getting baptized on the 19). What is really awesome is that it's her high school daughter who started the fellowshipping! It's so cool to see teenagers converting other teens. I wish it's something I had done in high school and I regret not doing it, but I look forward to teaching my children the joys of sharing the Gospel with those around us!

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With the changes in leadership for our zone and district Sister Parker and I have struggled. Serious struggles. We got a blessing from our district leader (who was actually one of my zone leaders in the Soda Springs Zone) earlier this week. It was really cool for both of us. I really want to share part of the blessing with you though because a HUGE promise was made to me. Last week I wrote dad about how I plan on inviting someone to be baptized every day for the rest of my mission (today will be day 25) and by the time I go home that will be 475 invites. In the blessing I was promised that if I invite someone to be baptized every day than every month I will meet the Standard of Excellence. That is HUGE! That means every month for the rest of my mission I will see two people baptized! That means that the Lord will work through me to bring 36 people closer to Him. And that isn't even taking into account the peoples lives that they will change. Honestly I am blown away by this promise. I heard it and I just thought "wow. That is HUGE". I've already met The Standard of Excellence the last 3 months and it was HARD work. And I know that it isn't going to get any easier, but through the Lord all things are possible.

When I look at the situation we currently find ourselves in (we are struggling with finding ways to get the members involved) part of me wonders how we can possibly do everything we are asked to do. The last week has been very hard. Our pool of people to teach has dropped significantly and people that we thought were solid and progressing have dropped us or started going in reverse as fast as they can. Our nightly planning sessions for the next day are long and taxing-we often find ourselves staring at the board for long minutes wondering who to teach, who to see, where to go. But at the same time as the trials we are seeing MIRACLES.

We were running very low on miles this last week so we did a lot of walking to conserve miles in case we had a day where we needed to do a lot of running around so we had several opportunities to approach people on the sidewalk which was really cool. Friday came and we had a lot of miles left over so we planned on doing less walking and more focusing on trying to meet with people we haven't seen for a while. At noon we had 3 set appointments, but after we went to our first appointment the 2nd fell through. Which turned out to be a blessing because the car started making a TERRIFYING sound. It didn't feel safe to drive so we parked it in a neighborhood and went to see a recent convert who lived nearby. She gave us a ride to the other side of our area where we ate lunch, and then had the 3rd appointment cancel on us. We ended our dinner break with no car, no appointments, and 3 hours of proselyting time left. So we prayed about who we should see and started walking. We did a LOT of walking that night and only saw three people, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we hadn't been walking we wouldn't have seen them. We would have tried, but the way it worked out was that by walking we were being perfectly timed to see the people we saw. And I KNOW that they needed to see us. I KNOW that Heavenly Father KNEW they needed to see us and that is why our car made those weird noises. When we got back to our car that night it was working perfectly and hasn't made any noises since. We walked at least 6 miles in those 3 hours and every step was worth it. I don't care how blistered my feet get our how tired I feel. Every ache is worth the joy I feel that I get to share with others!

I love you so much mom! And I hope you have a fantastic week!

Love, Sister Erika Kremer  



                  These two photos were taken at the Rexburg, ID temple the Wednesday after                  
                                                   the above photo was taken.

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