Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mission Experience - 25 May 2015 Memorial Day

Dear Mom,

Some of the baptisms are on track.

We had one this past Saturday for a 23 yr old named Jerad (I spelled his name correctly). He actually served in Iraq. He joined the Army when he was 17. 

We have one coming up on the 13th of June (maybe, we can't get him to commit to lessons but he is attending church every week) His name is Tom and he is 75. He actually owns a delicious pizza shop in town.

Then we have one on the 19th of June. Her name is Debbie. She is 18 and graduates in a week. She tried to get baptized when she was 10 but her family forbid it so until a week ago she hadn't told her parents she was meeting with us, but now they know and even though they aren't happy they are supporting her.

Then we have Bailey. She is 10 and set to be baptized on the 20th of June. She wasn't progressing at all till two weeks ago because she wasn't reading scriptures or praying so she didn't really want to commit to being baptized. She had a few different dates but they all fell through because she just wasn't ready. Then we made her a reading and prayer chart and told her that if she did both every day for two weeks we would give her a candy bar. And she has done so ever since. So even though we bribed her it is working REALLY well. She is so much more involved than she was before and seems excited to be baptized! At our lesson last Thursday the first thing she asked us was if we could read from the scriptures!

Next is Bud who is set to be baptized 18th of July. He has Word of Wisdom issues and lives with his fiancee though...there is a lot of work that needs to be done, but he knows that the Gospel is true so that is the first step.

Tandy had a baptism date, but we had to drop it because she isn't attending church. She is going through a lot of things right now so our struggle is keeping her focused on the blessings that can come.

What was really cool was how excited and happy I was after Jerad's baptism on Saturday. The other baptisms weren't like that.Not because I loved them less, but because I just couldn't feel happy about it.It's so cool to see the changes! 

I love you so much mom!

Love, Sister Erika Kremer

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