Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mission Experience - 8 June 2015 Kristina's 1yr. Anniversary

Dear Mom, 

Thank you for the pictures! The house and mailbox look so different but they look so good!
The horseshoe shape is fantastic!
Thank you for all the wedding info and the address! 

This week was better. It was a lot better! 

We had Zone Conference this week which was AMAZING!! It is so sad that the Brinkerhoffs will be leaving soon, but I look forward to meeting the new mission president and his wife. They arrive the first Wednesday in July.

Thank you for fasting for me!

I want to write you what we talked about in Zone Conference, but I don't have my notebook with me right now so I will write you a letter all about it today and send it to you.

While we were at Zone Conference I saw Elder Hales. It was really really weird to talk to him and know that he only has about a month left of his mission. And Sister Parker only has three months left and has already received her trunky email (when they ask if you are flying home or driving) and yesterday she received her trunky phone call (where they ask if you were flying home what airport would you fly home to?).
I learned that we use the word trunky because it is short for " wanting to pack your trunk/bags and go home" weird, I know. But mission lingo is weird everywhere. At first I disliked it, but I am becoming use to it now.

Because of the mission president switch we are having transfers a week early. Which means that I will know if I get transferred or not on the 17th and the actual transfer day is the 24th. This transfer is 5 weeks and the next one is 7 weeks.

I love you so much mom! Stay cool!

Love, Sister Erika Kremer

Sister Kremer and Sister Parker at a dinner appointment in Ammon, ID

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