Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mission Experience - 4 May 2015

I have officially been in the Ammon West Stake for 1 WHOLE WEEK!

I've quickly learned that this stake is called Ammon but it actually covers part of Idaho Falls. Which is super exciting for me, because the parts we cover I have memories of from when I was living in Idaho before my mission. It's rather exciting.

Fun things: We have 5 baptism dates!!! 3 of which we set this week! They aren't all for this month, but it is so exciting to see them progressing!   Also, our zone (the Ammon Zone) is holding a Luau on the 30th! And since it is hosted by 3 Polynesian Sisters we are being taught some awesome things! Like the Hula! That's right, I'm learning the Hula! And some other thing I don't remember what it is called but it involves sitting on the floor and clapping... I realize that that is an awful description, but I don't know how else to saw what we do. Maybe I will record it at some point.

Saturday an investigator named Diana got married at noon and baptized at 2! It was such an exciting and beautiful day! And watching her happiness I thought a lot about investigators in Star Valley and so many others that I've yet to meet and how the Lord is mindful of each one of them and has a plan for each of them that will allow them to hear about the Gospel and if they are willing experience the same joy.

The past 10 weeks have been wild, crazy, emotional, and trying. So so so trying. But I KNOW that everything I am experiencing, every trial and every joy, is helping me to learn, grow, and form a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father. Not only that, but when I talk to investigators about trials I mean every word I say and I feel comfort as I speak that Heavenly Father is deeply aware of not only me but those I speak with.

I love this Gospel so much and am so eternally grateful for the chance I have to serve the Lord here in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

I love you all and hope you have great weeks!

Love Sister Erika Kremer

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