Friday, May 15, 2015

Mission Experience - 11 May 2015

Since I have been out I have been part of 5 baptisms.

Being in Ammon/Idaho Falls is really nice. The weather is very mild and without humidity which is always a nice bonus!

It's weird being in a different area because I am truly learning that every missionary goes about doing missionary work differently. And works with members differently. Something I want to do when I get back is be more involved in missionary work. It's crazy that most of our work comes from members but it is also such a blessing! President Hinkley said that every new member needs 3 things, a friend, an assignment, and (something I don't remember right now) and I have seen that investigators REALLY need that member friend (or fellowshipper) as we call it because it is the investigators with fellowshippers that get baptized more often than those without that fellowshipper. 

Even as members we need to have friends surrounding us that are strong in the Gospel/have  similar beliefs. I remember growing up and not having many friends which was really hard to deal with. BUT because I made the choice to be picky with the type of people I hung out with I didn't have to deal with being tempted to do things that would break the commandments of God.

Now I'm not saying that I made all the right choices. I definitely regret not knowing more people and not being more vocal and active about what I believe, but I'm super grateful that I had you and dad as well as church leaders who were always guiding and giving council.

I feel like this is sort of turning into a journal entry, but it's what I'm thinking so I'm just going with it and typing what comes into my mind.

Something I've noticed is that the lessons I'm learning as a missionary are actually lessons that I've already learned the basics of. Things that y'all have taught me are  the foundation for what I am learning now. I now that without you and dad I wouldn't be having the same experiences I am currently having and I certainly wouldn't be learning as much.

So thank you. And I love you.


Sister Erika Kremer

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