Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mission Experience - 18 May 2015

TRANSFERS! I will be staying in Ammon West with Sister Parker(who will have been in the area for 9 NINE months at the end of the transfer) and Sister Bradshaw is going to the Visitors Center. So no more Visitor Center training's .:(

ALSO! We will meet the Standard of Excellence!!!!!!
His name is Jared and it is frankly a miracle that he is our baptism.  He is 23 and has been interested in the church since he was small (he actually has wanted to be married in the temple since he was a child), but his family is VERY anti. Well, when he was 17 he joined the army and at some point he was serving in Iraq. During that time he was baptized, but for some reason records were never filled out for him and if they ever where they have been lost. When he got back for Iraq he was living in Utah where he learned about not having his records in the church. So he started taking the missionary discussions. Then something happened and he had to stop. Then he moved to Montana, where he started taking the discussions again. Then he had to move to Rexburg. Where he started taking the missionary discussions once again and had a baptism date set. But the zone leaders there said since he actually lived in Idaho Falls he couldn't be baptized in Rexburg. Then one of our ward mission leaders talked to us about him since he is the ward mission leaders future grandson in law. And we met with him! And now he is getting baptized Saturday at 5pm!


Let's see....what else happened this week? 

OH! We were walking to contact a referral yesterday and ran into a woman who was referred to us but has been avoiding our calls for some reason. But we set up a return appointment to see her! And she actually seems really interested!

We have 5 baptism dates set for June. I hope all of them go through. Some of them are really shaky. The investigators are having personal struggles. It's a sad but true fact that Satan works as hard as he can to keep people from coming into the church.

So when I first started serving I began to read the Book of Mormon page by page and marking everything that stood out. Then I got distracted and started jumping around. Well I'm back to reading it in order and I LOVE it! One of these days I will have to take a picture of my copy and send it to you. The pages are so colorful, but it is REALLY helping me remember where verses and stories are.


Sister Erika Kremer

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