Monday, March 23, 2015

Mission experiences - 23 March 2015

Dear Mom,

You are welcome for the card. I knew that you would enjoy it! :) I'm glad you were able to go bowling with Bug. Congrats on your scores! How is the bowling league going?

How is your hand doing now? Was the cut really deep? I've used you being a seminary teacher and studying the scriptures as an example of the blessing of studying the scriptures to a few different people the last few weeks. I hope you don't mind. I'm so glad you share the experiences with me! 

The house looks great! Happy birthday!!!

Thanks for sharing the spiritual thought with me! It was so neat! Did you take any pictures of the handouts you made?
Thank you so much for holding on to the clippings for me!

I love the pictures of Kristofer! So creepy to be holding a snake! 

My companion and I have had a couple good discussions this week. Our relationship is stronger.

We set two more baptism dates this past week! One of them was a girl we had just met named Kim. Her family is innactive and she had been thinking about taking the discussions for a while. She want's to be baptized, but was scared at first because she didn't want to feel alone. BUT GUESS WHAT!! She has A LOT of friends in the YSA branch here! It's so cool to see the Lord directing us where and when we are needed.

The second date is set with a woman named Gina. Her husband is less active with a crazy strong testimony. The only reason he is innactive is because he feels uncomfortable at church(he was WoW issues.. but he's working on them). We met them two weeks ago and have had 3 discussions and 1 lesson on how to make no bake cookies(Gina is a cook). She has attended church twice! The first Sunday she was given the Gospel Principles book. When we taught we that Wednesday she told us she had read the entire book in one day! Saturday we took her on a church tour of the Thane Tabernacle. 
The whole time she was talking about what she had read in the book and the importance of baptism. When we got to the room with the font (the last stop on the tour) we talked about how Jesus was baptized and read about baptisms in the Book of Mormon. Then we asked if she would be baptized on May 2nd. She and her husband were hestant because they want him to baptize her and they both smoke, but we assured them that we and the church could help. And they will be getting blessings to help them as well. It was so cool what she said after that! She told us that when she had been reading the book she hadn't wanted to smoke at all. We promised her that if she read the Book of Mormon daily that she would continue to have that blessing.

It's so cool to be out here. And those are only two of the experiences we have had!

I don't think I will be sending any letters out this week. The Elders had a baptism earlier that we helped with a lot. So I haven't had any time to write. 

I love you so much mom! 

I gave a talk on acting on our faith in Jesus Christ this past Sunday. I'm going to send it. It has A LOT of errors. Just to warn you.

The pictures I included are the first 4 flights of our six flight trek up the tabernacle.

Love you!

Sister Kremer

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