Monday, March 2, 2015

Tradition 2 March 2015

I am officially in the mission field! I'm serving in a beautiful place called Star Valley Wyoming. In order to get to it you get to drive through the (currently covered in snow) mountains! I love Idaho with all my heart, but I may have found a deeper love in Star Valley. When we drove into the valley my heart skipped a beat. Star Valley is like nothing I've ever before seen.

They keep us busy here! And well fed. I've been told that it is easier to gain weight in this mission than loose weight, but I let them know that that won't be the case with me.

This past weekend we had a Regional Conference and Elder L. Tom Perry spoke during it. He said many great things but what stuck out the most to me was the following: he quoted the begining lines of The Fiddler on the Roof where the main character is talking about the importance of traditions to himself and the villagers in the town in which he lives. Throughout his talk Elder Perry asked us to follow the traditions of Jesus Christ and center our families in those traditions.

That,my friends, is my challenge to each of you. Center yourself in Christ. I promise that as you

keep yourself center in Christ and strive to live your lives by following in His footsteps that you will be blessed. Your families will be stronger. You will have a deeper feeling of peace. And best of all you will be following our Heavenly Fathers plan. 

Will you center yourself in Christ? Will you introduce His traditions into your and your families lives? I will, and I hope you will as well.

Till next week,

Sister Kremer

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