Friday, April 3, 2015

Mission Experiences- 30 March 2015

Dear mom- 
Did you get a chance to see the womens broadcast saturday night? It was really amazing!

This past Sunday Sister Kolbo and I taught a Gospel Principle class on prayer. It was SO WEIRD to teach for longer than 15mins. We try to keep our lessons with investigators really short and to the point. We also gave another talk. Mine was on Continuing Revelation and missionary work.....but I'm not sure what I ended up saying when I got up to speak. I'd had a rough morning so I kind of started to read what I had prepared and then was led to tell additional things. I shared my experience as a ward pianist and how I know that the bishop recieved that revelation. Even though I was really uncomfortable doing it I trusted in the Lord and His chosen leaders. 

I definitely appreciate the prayers. I know that I would be lost without the support of so many people.

The teaching is going REALLY WELL. In her training to be a trainer Sister Kolbo was told that if we do 12 Week (a guide for integrating new missionaries into the mission field) every day we will meet the standard of excellence. And we REALLY do do it every day. Even the days we don't have to we do at least a little bit. And not only are we meeting the standard of excellence we are seeing miracles almost every day. The Spirit truly has led us to people who are ready. Just yesterday we went to apartments to meet someone we thought would be open to hearing a message, they weren't home though so we decided to tract the apartments. We don't usually tract because there are SO MANY members here it is kind of ineffective. But we felt like we should so we did. We met a woman who most of her family is LDS and were able to set a return appointment. And we met a woman who isn't ready yet, but I think she will be in a few months. And we wouldn't have met either of them if we hadn't been following the Spirit and doing what we are here to do!

Friday night we made contact with a newly married couple and scheduled a return appointment to teach the wife (MaryRose) who is from the Philippines and is Catholic. We had been trying to see them for weeks now, but when we were out on our way to meet a different couple we suddenly couldn't remember were they lived and saw that MaryRose and her husband were home so we met with them instead.

Wednesday we tried to meet with Eli (the little boy who got baptized my 2nd week) but he wasn't home. However his brother was so we talked with him a bit. I joked around and talked a bit about Christ. And afterwards Sister Kolbo said that that was the most relaxed she has ever seen him. That is just such proof that the Lord works in small ways!

And monday night we did a YSA game night and got 3 non-members to show up! One was our April 25 baptism date (named Kim) the other 2 were the sons of our March 2 baptism date (Gina).
It was so cool!

That is a bit about my week! I love you so much!

Sister Erika Kremer

Dear Dad,
I used our umbilical cord story about prayer in the Gospel Principles class we taught yesterday. It went over really well.

And I was talking to the Sister Training Leaders (like district leaders without the priesthood) about how you don't sugar coat anything and ended up telling them about the temple trip where you taught us about the law of chastity and compared it to eating ice cream. They told me they were never going to eat ice cream again...I said as long as they got the point that it was their choice! It was so funny because they were blushing SO MUCH. But they appreciated the analogy. I can't wait to teach the law of chastity to youth! If that ever happens it will be so awesome!
The work is going really well. Every day we get home exhausted!

I love y'all so much! I'll try to send a letter this week!

 Sister Erika Kremer

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