Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mission experience - 9 March 2015 Star Valley, WY

I HOPE I will be at the groundbreaking! Sister Kolbo and I think we will be because last night while we were meeting one of the Bishops (leader of an LDS congregation) he received a call from one of the people who work for him and is also on the Stake Temple Groundbreaking committee. He came out of the room and said," Sisters, they want you to have a table at the groundbreaking that tells about our religion and what we believe." So we think they won't transfer either of us till at least after the groundbreaking...but we are not positive. For all we know one of us will be transferred next transfer (the first week of April). Thank you.   Sister Kolbo really likes orange tic tacs. 
Everyone here lets me know that TN is getting hit hard with snow and ice. Seriously, they ask where I am from and after I tell them they let me know that TN is having weird weather. So I've started introducing myself like this, " I'm Sister Kremer from TN and from what I hear TN is having worse weather than Star Valley." Which leads to a conversation about how unusually mild the winter has been this year, then Sister Kolbo comments that maybe God held back the winter so the temple groundbreaking could happen sooner. Which leads to a discussion about President Monson announcing the temple in Star Valley, which leads back to winter, which leads to the person we are talking to saying that being from TN and TX Sister Kolbo and I must be really cold. Then Sister Kolbo agrees and I say that I am actually really enjoying the weather. At that point we either get to know more about the person we are talking to or try to tell them about the Restoration.    <-------all that being said I'm not complaining about the conversation, just letting you know how me meeting people generally goes.
The more time one spends in the scriptures the more we get out of them. It is really amazing and I'm so glad that you are having this opportunity! When people ask what my mom does I say," she was a stay at home mom, but now that all her kids are out of the house she has been called to be an early morning seminary teacher- at 6 a.m." I'm so happy for you!

This morning I learned in my scripture study that when a man divorces a woman for reasons other than adultery when the woman gets remarried and does the husband and wife thing the sin that is being committed rests on the head of the ex-husband.  Good stuff to know.

You are being able to train Jazz! I'm so happy for you! If  you end up running her you'll have to give me a play by play of how she does. And pictures!   

I made eggs for us the other day with peppers, cheese, and salt and pepper and she said she didn't know eggs could taste that good. She doesn't really know how to cook, so I'll also be teaching her some things about cooking. Bless her heart, she didn't even know you could use salt and pepper while cooking.

We had a zone conference last Tuesday. It was awesome.

Elder Teokotai isn't in Grandma and Grandpa's stake :( BUT he is covering the YSA. Where COREY IS THE WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently he was just called to it. After the first set of Elders finished attacking me I said hi to Elder Teokotai and he let me know that. He actually said, "Your friend Corey is the YSA mission leader." That was were I clapped my hands in excitement. Literally clapped my hands. He asked if there was anyone else in the YSA I wanted to say hi to and I said not that I could think of. The other two people I was closest to are on missions right now.


We have a new investigator. A girl about 10 years old. Her dad is a WAY less active member who served a mission....but didn't have a testimony and while on his mission started reading anti mormon literature so he could get different points of view. He doesn't even believe in Jesus Christ anymore. It's sad how disconnected he is. But he is willing to let her take the lessons and Sister Kolbo and I think the lessons are more for him than her. He had a lot of questions for us when we taught her Saturday. They are actually one of our miracles this week. The missionaries have been trying to contact them for ages with no luck. Friday night our plans fell through so we stopped by their house to see if they would let us in. AND THEY DID. Then we chatted, got to know them, he opened up to us a bit about his past, we asked if his daughter could take the lessons and he said sure could we come back tomorrow. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. NO one EVER want us back THE NEXT DAY.

So that is a bit of my week, I'll write you a letter. 

Love you,

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