Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mission information - 16 March 2015

I'm doing alright. I love Wyoming and I love the work. I'm praying daily for the strength to remember why I am here and that God sent me to this specific area at this exact time for a reason. I hope that I can talk to all those who He has prepared.

I'm sorry for what I am about to tell you, just know that I tried to fix the problem, but I'm not sure it's going to work.

Yesterday I fell in mud. The mud stained the skirt and shirt I was wearing, it net clear throughout to the skin. When we got back to the apartment I tried washing all the mud out by hand in the bathtub but it didn't touch the stains. I was going to wash them this morning, but was informed that washing all of our clothing and then the additional muddy loads would make it impossible for us to make it to our prep. day activity on time. So I will wash them tomorrow. I'm letting the clothes soak today. I'm hoping that when they get washed the mud will come out, but if it doesn't I've lost an entire outfit.  It may be that at some point in the next month I need to buy a skirt and/or shirt. Hopefully I don't need to. If that does happen it won't be till the next time we go to Idaho Falls. And who knows when that will happen.

I do love my  companion, she is great, but I pray daily for my heart to be softened so I can have more understanding.

It is SO COOL to be able to spend so much time in the scriptures and I'm SO GLAD you are being able to immerse yourself in them as well

**(These photos were taken Saturday morning at a missionary mom's house after she fed Sister Kremer, her companion, and the rest of the district) I received them attached to a text that morning.
Sister Kremer and her companion       The whole district

This is an amazing story and I can totally see Sister Kremer doing this . . .

Saturday night we were driving to an investigators house when we saw three men walking down mainstreet. Sister K said that we should go talk to them and since I was the one driving a made a u-turn (the most used move in WY) we saw that the men were walking fast and Sister K said to cut them off. But I didn't because that would have been rude and might have freaked them out. So instead I pulled into a parking spot (WORST parking job of my life). We ran out of the car. Sister K grabbed a Book of Mormon from the backseat and we ran after them (they couldn't see us at this point but I am rather certain they could hear us running). When we reached the mainstreet where they could see us we stopped running and started walking really fast. Meanwhile Sister k was calling out to them in various forms of greeting. We finally caught up to them and were certain they could hear but they kept walking and ignoring us. So I sped walked in front of them, turned around and started walking backwards and greeted them letting them know who we were. Then I stopped walking and they were kind of forced to stop walking as well. We got to know them a bit (they all gave fake names) then shared a short message with them (which they weren't to happy about) then Sister k handed them the Book of Mormon and asked them to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized once they know that the gospel was true (or something along those lines). One guy said no, he should probably read the book first and it looked long. My response was to tell him of Moroni's promise and let him know that he didn't have to read the whole book, just read pray and desire to know if the words in the Book of Mormon were true or not. Then we bore short testimonies and closed with a prayer.     Sister Kolbo hated it, and thought it was the most awkward thing ever. I LOVED IT! Not only was it my first street contact it was the first time since I got here that I actually felt like I was being a missionary and doing what I am here to do.  And yeah, it was probably weird to run after them but I think that everyone needs to have the chance to hear the Gospel.

Also! We set a baptism date with an investigator named Joe! It is April 16th!

Sister Kremer

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