Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mission experiences - 6 April 2015

Dear Mom,

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! You were such a great example and you have NOTHING to worry about!             
     Sister Kremer, Sister Kolbo,                         The missionaries
    and a couple Elders with a group                cleaning the baptismal
         in a chicken coop.                                  font at the church.

    Looking down the ladders from               The top of the tabernacle
  the tabernacle.                                          with the Elders. (Sister Kolbo
                                                                   is taking the photo)

I love Jonathon's comment! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but Brother Hamilton(a ward mission leader) has nicknamed Sister Kolbo Satan and myself during that whole talk he kept texting us and telling us it's not too late to repent. It was kind of hilarious. It may not seem this way, but we have a REALLY GREAT relationship with their family. they made us Easter baskets! I really want y'all to meet them, you would get along really well!
The empty mailbox on mail day.
Sister Kolbo says that normally we email a time to Skype the Monday before Mother's Day ...Are you wanting to try Skyping Kristofer and myself at the same time or different times?

WE ALL SURVIVED TRANSFERS! We have another 6 weeks together! And we will be at the Temple Groundbreaking!!!!

The emails this week are going to be shorter because we are in IF for shopping. I PROMISE I will write a letter this week. I have a 2 hr drive in which to do so! I love you so much mom!!!!

Love Sister Kremer

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