Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mission Experience - 13 July 2015

Dear Mom,
Thank you for your email this week. Y'all did fine in regards to the temple. You have nothing to worry about or regret. Honest.
I'm so glad you are enjoying being a seminary teacher. It is a good fit for you and you truly are growing a lot.
I look forward to the possibility of letters from the Primary. That would be cool to read. I've thought about writing to the Young Women, but I'm not sure what I would say.
I'm really glad you put my name in the temple this week. I'm sure that that was inspired.  But I'm going to stay here and keeping going forward. As hard as it is and as much as I want to be with the family I don't want to stop serving the Lord. Hopefully the effort I'm putting forth is enough. I'm doing the best I can- all I can handle doing. I just hope He continues to understand.
There have been miracles though! In the last 7 days there were 2 and a half days were we didn't proselyte at all because we were just too sick and we still managed to teach 13 lesssons. It's the least I've ever taught but they were all good and effective lessons.
So even though it's a struggle I'm still hanging on and trying to look for the miracles and blessings.
I don't have much time to email today-my companion has a lot planned (she said we need to do things that make both of us really happy today- I suspect ice cream will be involved). I will try to write a letter with more uplifting things.
I love you so much!!!!! For real!!!!
Sister Erika Kremer

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