Friday, February 20, 2015

Missionary Training Center News 18 February

This last week has been great. I swear I live three days in one day. Each meal is the beginning of a new day. There are 6 hrs of class- And hour of personal study, an hour of companion study, anywhere from 30mins-1.5 hrs of additional study, gym time, eating,TRC investigator (teaching an "investigator" who is most likely a member), TRC member (teaching a member about the gospel and committing them to various things), and so much more! If it weren't for the 15 mins of quiet time between 10:15 and lights out I would never have time to write in my journal!

We went to the temple today. It was an amazing experience.

I've learned so much and had so many prayers answered this week. And with each answer I recieve a new questions pops up so all the time they have allotted for prayer here is being used- and then some. I think the only night I went to bed at the correct time was the first night because every day since I've had so much to pray about. My list of thanks and questions have never been so long in my life. And when I pray for all the missionaries I know by name it takes a fair amount of time. Even when I'm only praying for the 8 in my district. 

I love you so much! I'm taking pictures but don't have time to figure them out right now as my computer time is almost up.

I pray for y'all daily.

I love you so much!

Sister Kremer

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